If you are looking for a way to enjoy your different apps, reading material, magazines, comics and videos, you may want to consider buying a tablet. A lot of people think they have no need for a tablet if they already have a laptop, but that is not the case. Laptops and tablets are very different, because you will not have that massive keyboard to lug around when you are using your tablet. You can hold it the way you would hold a magazine or book, and you can access an endless stream of information and entertainment. But where to get the best tablet?

It is a tough question, and it is one that we are going to answer. The first temptation that a lot of people have is to get a tablet that is by the same company as their smartphone. Now we can understand why you are thinking in this way. If you love your phone, you assume you will love your tablet too. But things do not always work in such a way, because tablets are a different beast to smartphones. And if you have an Android smartphone, we would advise that you think twice before buying an Android tablet.

Why? Because Android tablets may have all the specs and features that you think you will enjoy, but the applications are not geared towards tablets. Most of the apps you will download on your Android tablet are the same ones as you will get on your phone, they just get scaled up for a bigger screen. In contrast, if you buy an iPad, you will notice that all the apps are dedicated for the tablet. This makes a huge difference to the overall experience, and how those apps will use the great screen size at their disposal!