16 Fun FIFA Facts

If you love soccer as much as the next fan, it’s time to get your FIFA fun on. Developed by EA Sports, FIFA is available for most video game systems as well as for your mobile device. It’s one of those sports games that leave you fulfilled as you get right in on the action. Want to know more about FIFA? Get your fill of information when you learn the 10 awesome facts below.

1- FIFA is the Soccer World Cup. It is held in a different location each year. More than 35,000 fans attend this event.

2- People of all ages enjoy playing FIFA. When you play, ensure you up the fun by purchasing FUT 18 Coins that can be used to make purchase of items that you need in-store. It’s easy to use FUT 18 Coins and beneficial for all players.

3- When you play FIFA on your favorite video game system, you can play as one of the players on your favorite team or customize your own player.

4- If you want to watch the FIFA tournament in person, be prepared to shell out a hefty chunk of change. The average cost of a ticket to the game is $990.

5- A total of 32 teams compete during the FIFA World Cup.

6- In 2010, more than 100 million copies of the FIFA video game series created by EA Sports have been sold. Seven years later, those numbers have risen considerably.

7- The Chosen Music

How are the songs chosen for the soundtracks to the EA Sports games? If you find this out, please share the knowledge. Although music on the games is always top notch, it is still a mystery how the songs are selected.

8- FIFA is a popular game. It is available in 51 countries and is translated into 18 different languages.

9- You can play FIFA alone, with friends, or with new friends you make when playing the game in online mode.

10- Players of all ages can play and enjoy FIFA. Although older games aren’t as technology-apt as some of the newer ones it is nice to own them for the experience they bring.

11- FIFA video games are developed at the EA Sports headquarters in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

12- EA Sports did not make the first FIFA game. It is shocking, but very much true. The game was developed by U.S. Gold.

13- In 2008, a FIFA video game offered 380 different moves for a player. This is the first year that any drastic changes were made to the video game. The rest is history.

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14- Changes for FIFA games are made years in advance of the actual change!

15- FIFA is fun, not that you really need an introduction to know that. You can spend limitless hours enjoying the game and never grow tired.

16- If you pre-order the FIFA game, you can get a discounted price on the cost and perhaps even a few free offers and goodies thrown into the mix, too.